Scientific people beavering away

A lot of people have been beavering away at climate science – asking questions, checking facts, checking claims, checking temperatures. The world owes enormously to such inquisitive beavers who leave no stone unturned in their quest for the truth. While none of them is probably right about every single thing, collectively, these people are about right on everything. Some of these are academic scientists, others are people with a strong understanding of the  scientific method.


Academic scientists

The GWPF – the Global Warming Policy Foundation, one of the best sources of information on the climate.

CO2 Coalition – organisation with major scientists and economists on its board.

Heartland’s Climate Conferences (ICCC)

Climate Etc. – operated by renowned scientist Judith Curry

Bob Carter (Prof. Carter passed away in 2016)

Dr. Tim Ball

Dr. Roy Spencer

Jennifer Marohasy

General scientists

Watts Up With That? – a vigorous debate coordinated by Anthony Watts. Undoubtedly the world’s most significant website dedicated to climate issues

Climate Depot – one of the world’s most popular websites on climate related information, operated by Marc Morano

Climate Audit

The Air Vent – “because the world needs another opinion”

Real Science (Tony Heller)

Bishop Hill

Jo Nova

Junk Science (Steve Milloy)

No Frakking Consensus – an independent blog operated by Donna Laframboise, author of The Delinquent Teenager.

No Tricks Zone

Sea level info: Your one stop shop for sea level information. Maintained by Dave Burton (see also his Quora answers)


1000+ “skeptical” papers

1000Frolley (YouTube)

A Walk On The Natural Side – Jim Steele

AccuWeather GW Blog

American Elephants

Andrew Bolt


Australian Climate Madness

Autonomous Mind

Bob Tisdale

C3 Headlines

Carlin Economics

Cartoons By Josh



Christopher Booker

Climate Abyss – John Nielsen-Gammon

Climate Change 101

Climate Change Dispatch

Climate Conversation – NZ

Climate Debate Daily

Climate in Review (C. Jeffery Small)

Climate Policy at The Heritage Foundation

Climate Progress

Climate Realists

Climate Realists of Norway

Climate Resistance

Climate Sanity

Climate Science – Pielke Sr.

Climate Scientists’ Register

Climate Skeptic

Climate Views

CO2 Science

Collide-a-scape – Keith Kloor

Cornwall Alliance (Cal Beisner)

Die Kalte Sonne

Digging in the Clay

Dr. Norman Page

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.


EU Referendum – Richard North

Friends of Science

Gelbspan Files

Global Science Report (Cato)

Global Warming at the Cato Institute (CEI Cooler Heads)

Green Hell Blog

Haunting the library

Heartland’s Climate Page

Heartland’s Energy Conferences

ICECAP (Joseph D’Aleo)

International Climate Science Coalition

James Delingpole @ Breitbart

Lubos Motl

Lucia’s The Blackboard

Marcel Crok – De staat van het klimaat

Master Resource

Moshtemp – Steve Mosher

My View – Bart Verheggen

NCDC Hi/Lo Records lookup

Niche Modeling – David Stockwell

Nick Stokes

NYT Dot Earth – Revkin

Our World in Data

Planet Gore

Power for USA

Real Climate

Science and Environmental Policy Project

Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI)


Skeptical Science – John Cook

Small Dead Animals

SOHO solar images

Solar Cycle 24 Board


Steve Mosher

Stoat – Connolley

Surfacestations Gallery

Surfacestations Main

Susan Crockford – polarbearscience

Tallbloke’s Talkshop

Tamino’s Open Mind

The Chiefio – E.M. Smith

The Climate Bet

The Cosmic Tusk

The Daily Bayonet

The Hockey Schtick

The Lukewarmer’s Way – Tom Fuller

The Next Grand Minimum

The Reference Frame

Thomas Fuller – 3000quads

Tom Nelson


Trust Yet Verify


UAH AMSU Daily Temps

Warren Meyer

Warwick Hughes

Weather Picture of the Day

WFT – Interactive Climate Graph Engine

William Briggs


World Climate Report